martes, 16 de julio de 2013

Sonidos en Rojo (XII)
Guy and Susanna Clark over the Red River

From Palo Duro Canyon outside Amarillo Texas 
The prairie dog town fork of the Red River flows 
Headed cross the plains along the coast of Oklahoma 
To the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico (...)

My great grandfather came to that Red River line 
And camped on the north side until it was time 
To cross or to stay to be sooner or not 
He headed south to San Antone they said he liked it hot

Red River I know you I know you of old 
You have filled up my pockets with quicksand and gold 
Susanna oh Susanna when it comes my time 
Bury me south of that Red River line

Here's to Charlie Goodnight and Mr. Loving too 
Here's to Coronado, the Comanche, and the blues 
Here's to the bootleggers and the oilfield crews 
Here's to the one and all of us Red River fools

Suena la corriente: "Red River" - Guy Clark

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