jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

Sonidos en Rojo (XIV)
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard

It's raining at the border, tears of love like blood spilt
Stagnant on the carpet...
It's raining and another filthy widow watches
And the self is no friend and all enemies attack from within, 
Way down deep, you know why (...)

The darkness is separated by a slow, red river
Night sneaks into sleepy corners
I lay at the edge of a field of fire
With a thousand ghosts in my dusty bed, a thousand ghosts
Way down deep you know why

The earth spits threadbare it's shallow daughters who
Tread like broken tramps, damp on stone cold stares &
Deep within the fear of a hundred lonely victims down
Way deep down you know why

I will listen for your baited step like shadows in the
Hall that fall slowly and trace the shutters of your
Hollow thoughts and beat my heart against these walls,
And beat my heart, it's raining at the border, it's
Raining, it's raining, tears of blood

Suena la corriente: "Fields of fire" - Lydia Lunch

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