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Sonidos en Rojo (XIII)
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

Which way, which way, that blood red river run?
Honey, from my back door to the risin' sun.
(let me tell you, boy)
I hate to see that risin' sun go down.
Makes me feel just like I'm on my last go round. (...)

Well that stomper, Oh Lord (what'd he say, boy?) well send me six foot of clay.
(Why?) Well that blood river rising six feet every day.

(let me tell you)
Willis run into the camp, tell my brother Bill,
Well the woman that he's loving, sure gonna get him killed.

(what was her name boy?)
Crow Jane, Crow Jane, honey don't hold your head so high.
You realize darlin', you're gonna lay down and die.

(play me some blues there, boy)
(Harmonica break)
(do it one more time)
(Harmonica break)
(let me play a little guitar for ya)
(guitar break)

Well I heard, heard a mighty rumblin', Sonny and then I looked around.
Well that Northern and the Southern, tearin' that old depot down.

If you see me comin' babe, honey Oh, put your man outdoor.
Honey I ain't goin' explain yo-- Sonny may have before.

(Brownie: Let me tell you somethin' 'fore I play this)
(Sonny: Go ahead, tell me now)
If you see, see me comin' babe (Sonny: yeah) heist your window high,
If you see me leavin' little girl, hang your head and cry.
(Red River)

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